Balboa Island

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Balboa Island

Balboa Island is a beautiful place to visit in Newport Beach, CA. Located just off of the Balboa Peninsula, the island has been around since 1905 and is still going strong today. Visitors enjoy dining at any number of restaurants that line the waterfront or browsing through one of the many boutique shops that are located on the island. For those who like outdoor activities, there’s plenty to do as well including kayaking and paddleboarding across from Crystal Cove State Park.

Balboa Island is a beautiful community located in the heart of Newport Beach, California. The island can be accessed by bridge or ferry and has several public docks where you’ll findBalboas North Beach with its iconic lighthouse on it! It also features an open concrete boardwalk for pedestrians which was designated as part of city parks system after being donated from Mitchel Field airport land purchase back when there were planes flying over this area instead of boats.

The best way to experience Balboa Island is on foot. The island has been a retreat for residents and visitors alike since it was first developed, with boutiques that reflect its coastal environment lining Marine Avenue and restaurants serving up anything from fresh seafood combined with the flavors of Italy Mexican French Swiss, or other favorites like fondue!

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind, man-made treasure then look no further than Balboa Island. This gem can be found whether driving through or taking the balboa island ferry from San Diego Bay and landing on its gorgeous shoreline full of delicious cuisines including seafood fresh off local boats as well those bursting with flavor such as Italian French Swiss food to satisfy any appetite!

Balboa Island is a mecca for sweet tooths with its two most famous desserts, the Balboa Bar and Frozen Banana. The locals have been coming here since nearly 75 years ago to enjoy these treats that have become an icon on this island in Southern California culture as evidenced by their imitation and replication including being featured on the hit TV show “Arrested Development.” What are you craving? You can find anything from chocolate-dipped bananas covered in nuts or sprinkles down cookie crumbs at any one location–so go ahead venture into Newport Beach’s own little slice of paradise!

The city of Newport Beach, California is known for its many unique shopping and dining choices. Many flocks there during the summer months to enjoy sandcastle building competitions or just stroll through with their family on a hot day–taking in all that Balboa Island has to offer them!

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