Lido Marina Village

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Lido Marina Village

Lido Marina Village is a beautiful and luxurious community, located in Newport Beach, California. It was designed with the modern family in mind, so you’ll find plenty of amenities to enjoy with your loved ones. Lido Marina Village offers an array of housing options for every lifestyle and budget. You can live on land or water and get all the benefits that come from living by the sea!

Lido Marina Village in Newport Beach, California is one of the most beautiful residential communities that I have ever seen. It’s a gated community with many amenities for residents to enjoy. There are two clubhouses on-site, which offer an abundance of activities and events throughout the year. You can relax in their cozy library or play tennis at the nearby court. If you want to take your pet out for a walk, there are dog parks on either end of Lido Marina Village!

The curated village of Newport Beach is a must-see for anyone who loves shopping, dining outdoors, and exploring the beauty that lies beneath. With shops to choose from like Sea Love Children’s Jewelry or Daily Fishing Logistics, you’re sure to find something perfect!

The energy here really knows no bounds as artisans sell their wares next door while chefs prepare delectable meals right offshore – all without stepping foot inside an air-conditioned building because we want our guests feeling comfortable enough with us so they can enjoy themselves fully (which means there’ll be fewer excuses when it comes time get back home). And don’t forget about the boats bobbing about in the harbor – they really are the stars of this show.

The new Lido Isle complex is not your typical shopping mall. It’s a charming and pedestrian-friendly village built at the entrance of one, with over 116000 sq ft in retail space that includes boutique stores as well as restaurants!

The marina at your property will provide a beautiful waterfront view and accommodate up to 47 boats. The slips are arranged in such a way as they overlook the bay, giving you an opportunity for upscale stores or restaurants that want desirable waterside space with views like these!

In an upscale community, local residents want a place that offers the laid-back luxe they are used to but with some flair. The retail leasing strategy should reflect this desire by creating an exciting tenant mix of “laid back luxury” fashion and food retailers who will be reflected in their surroundings – giving them more reasons to come out on weekends!

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