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NEOGraft Newport Beach

NeoGraft is the newest procedure in hair restoration. It is a minimally invasive procedure where individual hair follicles are extracted from the back of the scalp. There is no scare when compared to the ‘strip procedure,’ which leaves you with a very noticeable scar. NeoGraft has a 92-98% take rate, with little to no downtime. We incorporate all the latest techniques in hairline design to ensure your transplant will look natural, afterall; the best transplants are the ones you cannot detect.

Benefits Of NeoGraft

  • Regain self confidence
  • No linear scar options
  • No surgery
  • No downtime
  • No pain


Patients who would like the option of wearing a very short haircut in the back or sides of their scalp, or those who want the least amount of activity restriction (e.g. athletes) after their hair transplant procedure, may be good candidates for FUE. The NeoGraft FUE System can also be used for ‘scar camouflage’ procedures for patients who have had prior linear harvests, as well as for body hair transplants.

Candidates for hair restoration surgery are those individuals in good health with moderate hair loss and sufficient donor hair on the back of the scalp to transplant into the balding areas. Those with more donor hair, greater hair density and fullness can typically expect fuller results. It is also important that you have reasonable cosmetic goals. Hair transplantation can achieve very good, natural results but cannot restore your hair to the density you had as a teenager. Your doctor will assess the amount of coverage needed to give you the appearance you desire.

Yes. Because FUE/NeoGraft is a minimally invasive procedure, it is a viable option for both men and women looking to restore their own living and growing hair with transplantation.

The science behind grafting is simple. Hair follicles are taken from the hair in the back of the head that naturally continues to grow. The follicles that hold your transplanted hair are living tissues that grow cyclically. Once the normal hair follicle has been implanted into the balding area, the grafted hair will stay in place for about two to three weeks before shedding – this is normal and an important part of the new growth process. After shedding, the new growth will begin in 3-4 months and your hair will continue to grow normally. More importantly, your results will look healthy and natural.

The FemiLift procedure is almost pain free. Women report it is more comfortable than having a regular pap-smear.

You can resume regular activity right away, as long as it is nothing strenuous.

Hair loss does not stop after transplantation – some people will need continued maintenance and further sessions will likely be required, particularly if your balding pattern continues with age. Progressive hair loss or the desire for more density may require more transplants. An estimate of balding pattern and the number of procedures needed will be discussed during the consultation with your doctor.