What Are Cankles?

What Are Cankles?

The word cankle is derived from calf and ankle. An individual is said to have cankles when he or she finds it difficult to tell the difference between the calf from the ankle. A cankle is an ankle that resembles a cylinder. Cankles are also referred to as sausage legs.


What Causes Cankles?

People with cankles will find it difficult to find their ankles because they have been covered by fat.

So, what causes this condition? Here are the most important factors that cause cankles:

  1. Genetics

Women have discovered that genetics play a key role in the formation of cankles. This is because they usually notice the same thing in their sisters, and mothers. While some people are naturally slim, others have the tendency to be obese. It is possible to inherit one’s parents’ or relatives’ appearance and there’s little we can do naturally to alter it.

People with obesity can benefit from weight loss programs. As you lose excess fat, your chances of getting a slimmer body structure will be high.

However, doing exercises and signing up for weight loss programs may not be effective because they cannot treat cankles. If you have excess weight, you lose unwanted fat via exercise, but it is not possible to remove fat from a particular area through exercise. It is not possible to do spot reduction for calves and ankles.

  1. Medications

In some cases, medications and some types of surgeries can cause swelling in the ankles. Symptoms that you need to pay attention to are the gradual swelling of both legs and feet. You may have excess fluids in your legs if you are able to make a dent on your legs with your thumbs.

  1. Pregnancy

The amount of blood and fluids produced by the body of an expectant woman increases by 50 percent to cater to the needs of the baby. These excess fluids can accumulate in joints and tissues to make the body soft and make it expand while preparing for the arrival of the baby.

Poor blood circulation can make an expectant mother develop cankles. This usually occurs within the sixth and ninth months when a pregnant woman sits or stands for a very long time with little or no activity.

  1. Diet

When you eat food that contains high sodium content, your body will store more water. Ignoring processed and salty foods will make you leaner, including your calves and ankles.

Studies have shown that 80 percent of our health and wellness depends on the food we eat. Even if you do exercise every day or if you have a fast metabolism, you may develop cankles and other medical conditions if you don’t pay attention to your eating habits.


Why You Should Treat Cankles

The area around the ankle should be thinner than the calf. You should not worry about having cankles if your swollen limbs are not as a result of a medical condition. Different research centers do not consider cankles as a medical problem. Yet, no one disagrees with the fact that cankles are not appealing in many ways.

Cankles can affect your fashion styles since you will need to be mindful of what you put on. In most cases, you will look put on clothes that will cover your ankles. This can make people with cankles develop low self-esteem and poor sex appeal due to their condition.

Individuals with cankles are not proud of wearing clothes that will reveal their legs. Such people prefer putting on clothes that cover their ankles in order not to reveal their cankles. Some also find it difficult to wear boots since they do not feel comfortable over the ankles and calves. Such people will feel like they have been denied the opportunity to wear shorts, boots, dresses, and sportswear because they cannot reveal their cankles.

There’s nothing that can boost a woman’s confidence like wearing shoes with high heels and legs with nicely-contoured ankles and calves. It’s liberating to know that you are free to put on any dress you want without worrying about your legs.

However, there is a solution to completely eliminate cankles.


How To Get Rid of Cankles

The first step that you need to take when you notice that your calves and ankles are swelling should be to consult your physician.

There is a limit to what exercise and a good diet can only do to tackle fat cankles. These methods cannot be effective in treating cankles that are found in those that are genetically inclined towards the body structure that accumulates fat. The most effective way to reduce and completely remove cankles is through unique liposuction techniques that are carried out by cosmetic surgeons like Dr. George Brennan.

Dr. George Brennan offers a safe surgical solution to remove cankles. The cankle treatment that we offer involves the removal of excess fats to completely define the ankles and calves.

Ensure you choose carefully when you are searching for a cosmetic surgeon that will carry out the cankles treatment. The surgeon you decide to work with must be experienced in carrying out this form of treatment because the ankles and calves are parts of the body that are difficult to sculpt. Irregularities and complications while sculpting them can occur if the process is not done by an expert.

Dr. George Brennan’s cankles treatment takes into consideration the whole circumference of the patient’s calves and ankles to analyze how to improve their appearance. The essence of this analysis is to create a calf and an ankle with a well-defined look.

After treating cankles, your body needs to heal for 6 weeks. After the healing process, you can decide to change your wardrobe and flaunt your well-defined legs without worrying about what you put on.


Let Dr. George Brennan’s Cankles Treatment Get Rid of Your Cankles Now!

Liposuction is the only method you can use to eliminate cankles. Dr. George Brennan offers a safe procedure for treating cankles. His treatment will completely remove your sausage legs. He is experienced in providing safe cankle treatment and giving his clients the well-defined ankles and calves they crave.

Schedule a free consultation with Dr. George Brennan today to discuss your issues with cankles, and to learn more about how he can help you achieve well-contoured legs.

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