The Truth about Fat

Your body is a bone and muscle framework covered by skin. Between the framework and skin there is a layer of fat, made up of fat cells which are like balloons. Your fat cells, like balloons can be deflated, somewhat inflated or fully inflated. You were given or inherited a certain number of fat cells based on genetics. Remember…”You can’t pick your parents.” You don’t produce more fat cells, you can only inflate or deflate them.


Genteically there are 3 types of bodies;

Ectomorphs = Skinny

Mesomorphs = Muscular

Endomorphs = Fat

All 3 can inflate their balloons but it is far easiert for the Endomorph to inflate theirs. You can control your fat cells through proper diet and exercise. Individual metabolism is also a significant factor. Your fat cells are like your bank account; the more you deposit and the less you spend the “fatter” you are.

Your Diet

Intake – Your intake is based on Protein, Fat & Sugar

Output – Your bodies ouput is based on Metabolism & Exercise

The intake and output is based on the amount of calories per day. Punitive diets do not work.

Condition                                                                  Solution

  • General Obesity                                                 Bank Theory
  • Local fatty deposits (neck & waist)                       Kybella, Cool Sculpting Lasers
  • Regional Deposits (arms, belly, legs, thighs, etc)   Liposuction

Based on heredity you may have a propensity to deposit fat in your arms, legs, belly or back. Look at your parents. One solution is liposuction which is very safe, minimally invasive technique where through tiny incisions the fat is mobilized and suctioned away. These fat balloons are gone forever!

Keys to Liposuction:

  1. Procedure itself
  2. Diet
  3. Exercise
  4. Compression garments to help shrink the excess skin

You will not produce more fat balloons, but you can experience “fat redistribution” if you don’t control your diet. My personal guarantee is fat will find a new home in your remaining fat balloons.

The big question in liposuction is, will the skin shrink and conform to the underlying muscle? If you think about a women who delivers a baby; for awhile she has excess skin but just by nature, some women’s skin and muscle tighten and they are again “flat bellies”. Others aren’t so lucky and excess skin (especially if they have stretch marks) persists. Fortunately they can elect to have a “Mommy Makeover” to tighten the muscle and skin.

Similarly, with Liposuction once the fatty balloons are removed there is temporary extra skin. In the vast majority of cases the skin shrinks and you have a winner. You must realize that it is possible that the skin will not shrink and you may choose to have a very safe skin tightening procedure.

If you’d like a body that truly shows off your weight-loss efforts, contact our Newport Beach, California, office to set up a consultation.


Dr. George Brennan

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