Rhinoplasty: It’s More Than Just a Nose Job, It’s a Game-Changer

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is the surgical correction of the nose to improve the shape, function, or both.

Who should have Rhinoplasty?

  • If you are not happy with the shape of your nose.
  • If you are having difficulty breathing or have a nasal obstruction. This may be due to a: A deviated septum, enlarged Turbinates, or postnasal drip
  • Recent nasal injury.

Am I ready for Rhinoplasty?

You are ready if your nose is developed which usually occurs in adolescence. Sometimes patients are ready at age 12 and sometimes they are still not ready at age 17.

Of paramount importance, it must be Your decision: Not influenced by family and friends. 

Selecting your Rhinoplasty Surgeon


Dr. Brennan is a Newport Beach Cosmetic Surgeon who has had dual training in both the function and the art of Rhinoplasty. 

Experience and expertise

Dr. Brennan has performed literally thousands of Rhinoplasties. He also has taught Rhinoplasty to thousands of other Surgeons in this and other countries. 

Dr. Brennan is a firm believer in getting natural appearance both in female and male noses undergoing Rhinoplasty. 




Rhinoplasty Consultation

  • This is your opportunity to express your concerns and desires.
  • You may show examples of noses that you like.
  • Dr. Brennan will examine your nose for appearance and function and will tell you honestly what you can expect.
  • Dr. Brennan will tell you if you are or are not a good candidate for Rhinoplasty.
  • You will be educated about:
  • The procedure
  • Recovery
  • Recuperation

You may ask for a “preview of coming attractions” through simulation of the results. 





The Rhinoplasty experience

The day of surgery:

  • Especially in today’s world, the best place to have surgery is in a fully accredited Outpatient Surgery Center….. Not a hospital. 
  • Dr. Brennan performs surgery at Surgical Suites at Newport Center located across from Fashion Island.
  • You will be greeted by a very professional staff. 
  • You will have the safest method of anesthesia with no pain or awareness during the Rhinoplasty surgery.
  • Dr. Brennan has developed a unique Rhinoplasty procedure. Many doctors use “Open or External Technique” that requires an incision along the base of the nose which increases the surgical time and very often results in permanent physical scarring. 

Dr. Brennan uses a closed technique were all incisions are hidden inside the nose with:

No scarring

No packing – Dr. Brennan designed a system that eliminates the need for nasal packing.

No pain – The most you will need is Extra Strength Tylenol.

After a short time in recovery, you are sent home with a responsible caregiver (family or friend). You will shortly be fully awake and alert and may have a lite diet and get a good night’s sleep. You will be seen the next morning for nasal hygiene and will be able to breathe comfortably and have no pain. The day after surgery you may resume all normal hygiene, activities, diet, and sleep.

Only two things (with rare exceptions) can occur – Minor temporary swelling and minor temporary bruising.

The 30 minutes you spend in the operating room will change your life forever. If you are interested in getting a rhinoplasty, please call our office at 949-644-1641 or book an appointment online today.

Happy Rhinoplasty!

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