Facial Rejuvenation from Dr. Brennan Is the Easiest Way to Look Instantly Younger

Although new laser technologies are making inroads in rejuvenating aging skin, they fall short of delivering the dramatic results of a face-lift. If you want to look years younger, but you’re hesitant about undergoing a surgical procedure, our innovative face-lift procedure is just the ticket. There is no specific age to reach before “qualifying” for surgery, some patients may need it at 30 while others might not need surgery until 60 years old.

At Dr. Brennan’s Cosmetic Center, Dr. George Brennan and our team specialize in helping clients realize their aesthetic goals. We use only the latest products, services and techniques to deliver results that exceed expectations. 

If you’re struggling with aging skin, explore how our face-lift can make you look years younger without the downtime, scarring, and overly “done” appearance that are often associated with the procedure. There are three different forms of face-lifts: 

  1. Surgical
  2. Muscle relaxants 
  3. Skin Rejuvenation 

Why a face-lift?

Each year in the United States, nearly 70,000 people opt for a face-lift to tackle the signs of aging because they understand that a face-lift delivers the most dramatic and longest-lasting results — in our case, up to 15 years. Procedures such as Threads, Filler, Botox, and Skin treatments are nonsurgical procedures for minor aging to the face but don’t provide the same results as surgery.

As your skin ages, it loses elasticity and tone because of a natural loss of collagen, a loss of fat, and exposure, leaving you with tissue that wrinkles and sags. Though there’s no shortage of products and services that claim to resolve the problem, a face-lift procedure is the most effective and direct route to tightening your skin.

Still, many people are hesitant because of the downtime, scarring, and loss of hair that’s often associated with a face-lift, which is what makes our procedure rise above the rest.

The advantages of Dr. Brennan’s facelift

Traditionally, one of the downsides of a face-lift was the recovery time afterward, not to mention results that clearly revealed that you “had work done.”

At our practice, Dr. Brennan has perfected a face-lift procedure that addresses these issues and more. Using the most advanced techniques available, Dr. Brennan is able to deliver results with hair sparing procedures, no pain, one-day recovery, and very natural results.

Called a four-plane face-lift, Dr. Brennan takes a multi-angle approach to your face-lift in which he enhances your facial structure by addressing the muscle, fat, and skin tissue around your face. He’s able to tackle these issues without disrupting your hairline, which used to be a concern with traditional face-lifts.To begin the framework he will look at the skeletal structure. Then, the muscle layer is evaluated by doing a tightening procedure. Next is the fat layer that can be added, removed, or redistributed. The last step of the framework is to tighten the skin.

As well, Dr. Brennan takes the time to truly study your face so that he can devise a customized face-lift that augments your natural beauty without leaving behind evidence of the procedure. With minimal scarring and an emphasis on natural-looking results, you’ll have people guessing as to how you’re able to look so young and vibrant.

If you’d like to learn more about how our innovative face-lift procedures, such as the non-endoscopic closed brow lift, canthopexy, facial implants, buccal fat pad extraction, and the lip lift, can help you look years younger, please contact us at our Newport Beach, California, practice to set up a no-pressure consultation.

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