IV Therapy Newport Beach




IV Therapy, a method of infusing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, chelating agents, and antioxidants directly into the vein, is a quick, efficient, safe, and powerful way of administering vital nutrients into the body.

A drip chamber, which prevents air from entering the blood and controls flow rate, enables nutrients to bypass the digestive tract, where any compromised loss of absorption may possibly occur.



Is IV therapy safe?

IV therapy is extremely safe. Prior to any IV treatment our patients vitals are tested, blood pressure is monitored and a healthy history is carefully look over. Every IV therapy session is performed under strict medical supervision. After a treatment patients may resume all normal daily activities and behaviors.

Who administers and supervises my IV therapy?

Our physician alongside our highly experienced nurse will design, select and administer the IV therapy.

How long does a single session last?

The total time for a single session will depend on the condition, treatment selected, and protocol. All of our therapies require a minimum of 30 minutes and could take as long as 1hour 30 minutes. We make our patients treatments comfortable and relaxing with comfy lounge chairs, free wifi, and healthy and refreshing beverages and snacks.

How often should I receive IV therapy?

Every patient’s circumstance is unique and treatment greatly depends on the customized protocol recommended and the response to the individual IV therapy. It is common for a patient to have more than one treatment a week, however many of our patients report feeling more energized and a renewed sense of well-being after just one IV therapy!

Where does the IV therapy take place?

We offer a relaxing setting for IV therapy patients. We encourage you to unwind and let the day melt away.However, we know that everyone has active schedules, which is why it is also ok for our patients to continue reading, using mobile technology, laptops and pursuing world related endeavors while receiving an IV therapy.

If I’m healthy, can I still use IV therapy?

Prevention is key here and you don’t have to be ill to reap major benefits from our IV therapies. Because we are all exposed to various toxins and environmental factors IV therapy is an essential step in cleansing, removal, breakdown and digestion of harmful substances.

Does getting IV therapy hurt?

Because we staff great nurses who have no problem with finding good veins, most patient barely fee anything and at most feel a slight pinprick. We encourage our patients to drink lots of water prior to their appointment which will also help.

What is the difference between IV therapy and oral vitamins?

IV therapy allows for increased absorption right from the start where vitamins only a portion your body can absorb. The second your infusion begins, vitamins, minerals, and other powerful nutrients are instantly circulated through your bloodstream and absorbed by your cells that need it the most; there’s no waiting for the liver or stomach to play catch-up.

Are there any special guidelines I must follow after my IV therapy?

We encourage certain diet and lifestyle factors during the course of our patients IV’s. During and after the sessions, the doctor or nurse will recommend certain exercises, hydration tips, and encourage a low-carb, low-sugar approach to food with an emphasis on healthy saturated fats.

Is IV therapy customizable?

Our IV therapy are tailored treatments to individuals circumstances and needs.