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A breast lift is a cosmetic procedure that elevates the breasts to a more aesthetically pleasing position. Also known as a “mastopexy,” this surgery also adds a more attractive contour to the breasts by eliminating sagging skin and excess tissue. Unlike breast augmentation, a breast lift focuses on altering the position and shape of the breasts, rather than just improving fullness and volume.

Why Do I Need A Breast Lift?

  • Age
  • Pregnancy (breastfeeding)
  • Gravity
  • Fluctuations in weight
  • Genetics


How soon after pregnancy can I undergo a breast lift?

Every patient is different and individual circumstances will effect who is an ideal candidate for a breast lift surgery. However a good rule of thumb is 6 months.

Will I need an enlargement along with a breast lift?

Many patients are happy with a lift alone however if a patient would like additional fullness a breast implant may be required.Patients may also achieve enough lift with the placement of an implant alone. Dr. Brennan will discuss all of your options at your one on one consultation.

Will my scars be noticeable?

Dr. Brennan makes every effort to minimize incision size and chances of scarring for all patients. There are also amazing scar creams on the market that can be used to also minimize the chances of scarring.

Is breast lift surgery covered by insurance?

Typically breast lift surgery is considered cosmetic and not covered by insurance.

Are the results permanent?

The results of a breast lift are typically permanent however factors can affect the longevity of the procedure like age, and weight changes.

Do I need to replace my breast implants after a certain period of time?

Although commonly thought, it is necessary to replace you implants after 10 years, this is in fact untrue. Dr. Brennan’s philosophy is that implants need to be replaced for one of four reasons.-Rupture – Capsule (Painful Scar Tissue) – Increase or decrease the size If you love your implants and there are no problems there is no reason to replace them.

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