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Upper Chest Rejuvenation Newport Beach

The upper chest rejuvenation is a revolutionary new upper chest lift technique developed by Dr. Brennan, and has gained a lot of recognition. Many women take care of their face and breasts, but still have an issue with a wrinkled upper chest. A crinkled cleavage can extremely age a woman and this new upper chest rejuvenation has the ability to erase the wrinkles and age spots right off the chest. The innovative d├ęcolletage rejuvenation by Dr. Brennan will help you look younger and return your vitality by reversing the signs of aging and the wrinkled skin above the cleavage.

The Benefits Of Upper Chest Rejuvenation

  • Feel more confident
  • Look as young as you feel
  • No visible scarring
  • Smooths out wrinkled and sagging chest
After Chest lift
After Chest Lift with IPL


The incision is placed where a bra strap is typically and usually heals without a scar.
Many factors make one and ideal candidate for the Upper Chest Rejuvenation. If you do not like the appearance of your chest regardless of your age you may be a great candidate for the procedure.
The recovery period for a chest lift is very minimal. The typical downtime for a patient is about 1-2 weeks.
The way a patient is genetically programed to age may affect the longevity of the results of a chest lift, however most patients enjoy the results for 15 plus years.