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Breast Augmentation Newport Beach

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that uses breast implants to improve the size and shape of the breasts. This procedure is ideal for patients who wish to enlarge their naturally small breasts, for those who want restore breast volume and improve their shape after pregnancy and breastfeeding, and for women who wish to correct breast asymmetry. Patients who have sagging breasts and a lack of breast volume often combine breast lift surgery with breast augmentation in order to achieve more youthful and voluminous breasts.

The Benefits Of Breast Augmentation

  • Improve self-esteem and confidence
  • Clothing often fits better; allows for a wider variety of clothing options
  • Breast look great even without a bra


There are several areas that an incision may be placed including inframammory, areolar, and armpit. Dr. Brennan will discuss with you which best suits your personal circumstance.

You have both options when deciding where you would like the placement of your breast implants. There are obviously pros and cons to each such as above the muscle ensures a quicker recovery time versus under the muscle where the recovery is tougher and longer.

Dr. Brennan performs his breast augmentation surgeries in about an hour. It is important that a patient is under anesthesia for the least amount of time possible which helps to ensure a quick recovery process. Dr. Brennan’s experience and expertise allows him to remain thorough, precise and timely.

Typically after a breast augmentation surgery our patients resume normal activities and behaviors very next day. Our patients typically do not experience pain and relate their discomfort to a sore muscle for a few days. Many of our patients drive themselves to their next day appointment.

Breast augmentation are one of Dr. Brennan’s favorite procedures because results are visible right away. After your compression dressing is removed next day you are able to see the beautiful new fullness in your breast.

Although commonly thought, it is necessary to replace you implants after 10 years, this is in fact untrue. Dr. Brennan’s philosophy is that implants need to be replaced for one of four reasons.

  • Rupture
  • Capsule (Painful Scar Tissue)
  • You wish to Increase or decrease the size
    If you love your implants and there are no problems there is no reason to replace them.

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